SPA Private

SPA System Private

Finally, our patented solution for your private flotation spa.
As the operator and manufacturer of commercial flotation units, we are bound by certain standards and swimming pool regulations in our everyday operations, with the result the efficient and hygienic treatment of water.

The private field enables us to save on these specifications for you. This means not only savings of space, from an economic viewpoint it is also the luxury that you can now afford for yourself.

The development of our Openfloat Boxx and the creation of your individual floatationpool, with free choice of colour and form, means that you can now make a practical addition to your domestic wellness area.

Fulfil the dream of the private flotation spa whenever and wherever you choose. Our experienced, long-serving employees and swimming pool partners are on hand to advise and support you at all times.

If you value this unusual wellness with guaranteed relaxation in a world filled with stress, then the private floatation spa is just the thing for you!