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Floating – Drawing strength and health from relaxation

Floating is both wellness & therapy at the same time, placing the entire body in a state of restorative suspension in the water, comparable to bathing in the Dead Sea. The high salt content of around 30 % simulates a natural state of suspension. The weight on body and muscles is eased completely, ensuring a pleasant, in-depth relaxation. Floating strengthens the immune system. normalises blood pressure, relieves stress, loosens the muscles and can also ease complaints such as rheumatism or dermatological disorders.

Developed in the mid 1950s for NASA, in addition to highly-efficient use in the field of healthcare this form of therapy has also been found to deliver a penetrative wellness effect. The use of magnesium salt, which has superb caring characteristics, means that floating also offers outstanding cosmetic and therapeutic benefits.

openfloating brings body and soul back into balance and awakens the spirit – you sink into a meditative state of perfect being.